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Programme / Operations Manager

We are a mission driven education company. We source & prioritise outstanding graduates from less advantaged backgrounds; provide world class technical training; then employ them as high performance junior consultants for 2 years. Our mission is social mobility through world class education. We are backed by investors from Google, Goldman Sachs and McKinsey.

The business is founded on two beliefs:

  • Exceptional talent is missed everyday: talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not. The common heuristics used to judge graduates, such as which university they attend, mean that lots of genuine talent is overlooked. We rigorously source this talent while advancing the science of assessment to ensure we find amazing talent;
  • Exceptional training changes outcomes: the most effective learning practises are rarely used because the institutions that invest in the training are not incentivised to do so (paid by quantity not quality). Yet Benjamin Bloom’s seminal educational research proved that the right methods can change learning outcomes by 2 standard deviations (2 sigmas). This is monumental!


The programme manager will be a core part of the operating team. Initially they will be responsible for ensuring our process runs smoothly every day (from the moment we engage with graduates, to when they are made an offer, through their training, to when they start roles with clients). We firmly expect this role to become an operations manager as the person refines, automates and owns these processes. You will be a key player in our applicants, trainees, and consultants daily routines and will be hands on with them delivering real impact.

Working directly for the CEO/COO, the Leadership Director and the Education Director, this role will suit a driven, junior executive or manager who wants to excel and be part of a growing mission driven company.


Day to day initially the role will involve all the organisation around our:

Graduate recruitment:

  • guiding applicants through the process (role & goal: excellent communication to help them at every step);
  • organising our pipeline in airtable (role & goal: process & data/KPI management to help us monitor & improve);
  • answering questions (role & goal: excellent communication to delight & educate)
  • organising surveys & data collection (role & goal: admin & operations management to help us build a world class recruitment function);
  • onboarding of graduates (reference checks, ordering laptops, etc. ) (role & goal: admin and project management to ensure a smooth process).

Training Programme:

  • getting candidates set up (from slack & zoom, to accommodation) (role & goal: admin & process to ensure a smooth process & make them feel like a valued part of the team);
  • arranging employment contracts (role & goal: project management to refine operations);
  • programme / calendar management (role & goal: admin to enable and allow a world class focus on learning);
  • arranging speaker events, etc; (role & goal: event management to help inspire & educate).

Within as short a time as possible we want this person to not just ‘do’ the above but to ‘own’ it. That means being responsible for tight deadlines, high quality and improving the processes, while also starting to collaborate on the wider outcomes.


  • By obsessing over the detail and living the values of the organisation (see below)


  • Because every touchpoint with a graduate, trainee or consultant has a human impact, and is an opportunity for us to learn and help someone become great.



  • Degree level - the university, the subject and the grade don’t matter. A fit with the skill set and our values is more important. If you didn’t get the best grades), that’s fine, but you must be able to demonstrate intellectual curiosity and the ability to solve numeric or analytical problems so that you can demonstrate a real desire to measure, learn and improve;


  • 1 to 5 years experience in a professional environment where you can talk coherently about the skillsets you’ve developed below;
  • Ideally you will have some experience within a high performance environment where there is an expectation of excellence.

Skills & Behaviours:

  • Alignment with our values – see below;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (familiarity with word, notes, email, etc.)
  • Extremely organised with very high attention to detail (familiarity with excel, google sheets or other spreadsheet tools as a way of organising and analysing);
  • Excellent relationship-building skills and able to work collaboratively;
  • Experience of running projects or programmes and delivering against time & milestones;
  • Familiar with Zoom, Slack, Google Drive, Office, etc. (and ideally willing to learn software packages like airtable and hubspot).

Nice to haves (interest or experience in):

  • learning and education best practices;
  • technology and its impact on industry and society;


This is what we offer – the chance to pursue a meaningful mission alongside a group of people working for each other, and trying to deliver exceptional outcomes. There is a pressure and sense of urgency that comes from expecting great things but we believe the mission makes this worthwhile.

  • Team first: self second – remove ego. We try to deliver excellence every day for the person sitting next to us – it's about being part of something bigger;
  • Thoughtful respect: this doesn’t mean being ‘nice’, it means showing someone the respect to give them honest feedback, to challenge their work, to demand a higher standard. And to expect the same from them;
  • Performance in the moment: what we did last year, the universities we went to, the grades we got, aren’t important. High performing teams care about what you’re doing right now;
  • Entitled to nothing, grateful for everything: the two key components of our business model - education and talent - are exceptionally difficult and notoriously ruthless: we are not entitled to succeed, we have to earn it every day –this requires resilience;
  • Constant improvement: we invest upfront in defining goals, taking notes, reading, practising – and running at hard feedback – without these, improvement is impossible. We’re geeks through discipline and curiosity;
  • Really caring: exceptional education and meaningful impact are extraordinarily difficult and require sustained hard work - so it is really important that each of us care deeply about people, finding the right answer and delivering excellence in our work;
  • High cadence: tying all of the above together is a sense of urgency to deliver excellence every day.


  • Start Date: immediate;
  • Compensation: £25k to £35k (dependent on experience) + Options (we want you with us for years)
  • Location: initially in the office for 4 days week for 4-6 months, after that a 2-3 day office/home split is fine;
  • Application Process: send your CV and cover letter to us. We will then invite you to a 30 min interview with the CEO, 30 min interview with Head of Recruitment, 2x 20 min interviews with team, and finally, a 30 min coffee with the CEO;
  • Benefits: flexible L&D and personal wellness budget, regular socials.

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Salary range £25,000 — 35,000

Dependent on experience (+ Options...we want you stay with us for years)

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