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Tzar of viral internet culture

This is not a traditional marketing role. We’re looking for someone who: 1) Understands & uses TikTok and the other social medias 2) Has hustle 3) Wants to take on way more responsibility than they would at a larger organisation

Our clients are musicians, many of whom are working with the biggest producers, songwriters & artists in the world. The role is to virally market records.

At Cloud X you will work independently in a very fast-moving, low structure environment where you will have the opportunity to lead and grow an exciting new business from the ground up. You’ll report directly to the co-founders; you will work directly with artists.

We don't like to put people in boxes, but you're likely to be able to demonstrate much of the below:

- Already very familiar with TikTok and what it’s all about
- Ready to hustle to get the job done
- The hunger to make quick opportunistic wins, and the patience to work long cycles.
- Prepared to work outside the regular 9-5... virality is global
- Ability to work autonomously and drive your own agenda

- Passion for, or ambition to change how things are done
Please mention that you come from SellForThem when applying for this job.

Posted 6 months ago

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