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Digital Marketing Consultant

Get paid to learn everything we know about growing businesses, work remotely, and achieve a top income.

Join our highly experienced team of experts who are responsible for delivering amazing (and measurable) results for our clients.

This role can be tough and challenging. We’re looking for smart, passionate, and ambitious web marketers with a proven track record of growing online businesses using conversion rate optimization (CRO).

You’ll provide our clients with the following:

  • Strategic advice.

  • Ideas to measurably grow their businesses.

  • Production-ready content (that’s both user-friendly and persuasive).

  • Unbiased technology recommendations.

  • Highly professional project management and leadership.

You’ll use the following:

  • Your personal expertise.

  • Our proven CRE Methodology™.

  • Our internal mastermind group.

You should have expertise in most of the following:

  • Web analytics, SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, and offline marketing.

  • Direct-response marketing and copywriting.

  • Understanding the psychology of a website’s visitors.

  • Usability and design of highly converting webpages and sales funnels.

  • Carrying out A/B tests on websites.

  • Project management, motivating teams, and mentoring others.

Real-world sales experience is advantageous; after all, most websites are effectively a 24/7 robot salesperson.

Most importantly, you must be obsessed with conversion and must already be getting impressive results.

Please mention that you come from SellForThem when applying for this job.

Posted 5 months ago

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